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Arbitration of Commercial Disputes

How Attorney Services and Binding Arbitration Work Together

Arbitration is a legally binding alternative to court cases.  Arbitration proceedings may be written into contracts or agreed to by the parties after a dispute arises. Arbitration rules often differ from courtroom rules and procedures.

Mr. Drews has effectively represented clients in commercial disputes in various arbitration venues including NASD (National Association Security Dealers) and AAA (American Arbitration Association).  Mr. Drews works with clients to determine the most effective course of action for his clients to reach their goals in arbitration.

If arbitration proceedings are a necessary part of a client’s legal plan, our law office gathers and argues evidence to persuade the arbitrator much the way our office would convince a judge or jury.

When Corporations Have a Right to Arbitration or Trial

Drews Law Firm understands there are situations where arbitration is most beneficial and other situations where the benefits of a judge at a bench trial or a jury in a jury trial are required to reach a just resolution.

We will thoroughly review your case and your contract to determine wheter arbitration is mandatory or if there are avenues to avoid arbitration and proceed to court on your claim.

Mr. Drews can advise on the direction of a legal claim that will create the highest probability for the most successful results.

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