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Construction Trial

Construction Trial

Construction Trial Litigation in Jacksonville

Drews Law Firm provides legal counsel for construction trial litigation in Jacksonville.  The firm represents owners, developers, lenders, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in Florida construction disputes.

Our firm is well-versed in the Florida and federal laws that regulate construction practices and applies this knowledge to argue our clients’ cases.  The laws may involve a simple breach of contract but will most likely involve the Florida construction lien and bond laws or the Federal Miller Act.

Whether the case is a private or public construction job, Mr. Drews has the broad commercial trial experience to effectively represent your interests, protect your rights, and minimize the risks of litigation:

  • Construction contract disputes
  • Florida lien and bond claims
  • Construction delay issues
  • Material claims
  • Design disputes
  • Miller Act claims
  • Construction arbitrations
  • Prompt payment law claims

Our firm understands the unique issues involving construction law claims and will use our broad knowledge and experience to effectively represent your interests.

Clients involved in legal disputes stand to lose valuable development time on their building projects.  Mr. Drews helps his clients manage their construction disputes with the shared goal to get their projects progressing again at full-speed.

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