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Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain

Preserving Florida Land-Owner Rights

Drews Law Firm helps owners, tenants, and lenders with eminent domain issues and litigation.  The area of eminent domain is a unique area of law requiring special expertise and experience to effectively represent owner clients and ensure their constitutional entitlement to full compensation.

Mr. Drews’ experience began in eminent domain cases by representing Sarasota County in its eminent domain takings.  After moving to Jacksonville, Mr. Drews has effectively represented owners to contest improper government takings and to ensure full compensation for his owner clients.

Mr. Drews will stand up and fight to protect your property.  He understands eminent domain issues and what is at stake when the rights of Florida citizens are compromised by unlawful land seizure–or by governmental entities trying to short-change owners from their constitutional right to full compensation.

Contact Mr. Drews to discuss your eminent domain issue if the government is trying to take your land.

Contact 1 904 367-8700 for eminent domain issues in Jacksonville.

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