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Maritime and Boating Litigation

Maritime and Boating Litigation

Florida Maritime Law and Boating Litigation

Drews Law Firm is experienced in commercial litigation involving maritime and boat litigation.  Mr. Drews partners with his maritime business clients and boat owners to help them resolve their legal issues.

Our firm represents business entities and owners whose legal disputes fall under admiralty jurisdiction  and  related to Florida state and federal laws:

  • Boat manufacturers
  • Boat dealers
  • Marinas
  • Marine repair companies
  • Marine construction

Our firm has an advanced knowledge of maritime law and a solid relationship with the Northeast Florida maritime community to help serve you and your legal needs.

Experienced Jacksonville Maritime Litigator

Mr. Drews relies on years of experience litigating maritime and boating disputes and brings valuable legal insight to each case he handles.  Our firm understands the unique aspects of maritime law and boat related disputes and how these areas vary from other legal practice areas.

Mr. Drews has handled extensive litigation that has fallen under the jurisdiction of admiralty laws and related boat-defect litigation in both federal and state courts:

  • Warranty disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Magnuson-Moss claims
  • Maritime lien litigation
  • Products liability
  • Storage disputes
  • Negligent repair
  • Vessel construction disputes

Mr. Drews’ clients benefit by his seasoned practice in this area.  He understands how to use unique jurisdictional and statutory regulations to target the best possible resolution for his clients.

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