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Business Law and Planning

Business Law and Planning

The Drews Law Firm handles all aspects of business law and planning from finding the appropriate entity for your business, properly establishing that entity, preparing necessary corporate documents to protect your rights, compliance with required government rules and regulations, preparing customer contracts and providing proper legal support for your business operation.

Minimizing Risks for Jacksonville Businesses

In today’s society, you must anticipate and seek to minimize risks of future legal problems associated with business transactions.  If a dispute arises, you have various opportunities, especially in the early stages of the dispute, to protect your rights, minimize, and even avoid a lawsuit:

  • Strategic planning
  • Thorough research
  • Preemptive negotiation

Incorporating these elements early will protect your rights by eliminating or minimizing the risk of potential legal problems and disputes.  We devote a large part of our business law practice to helping clients identify and plan to avoid future complications.

Protecting Your Jacksonville Business

Due to our extensive experience in commercial disputes and trials, we have developed a unique insight into and have developed special tools to protect our clients’ rights, and assist them with risk avoidance or minimization in potential lawsuits.

Pre-lawsuit business planning is a pro-active means to take measures to avoid serious problems that can be devastating to a business.  It involves careful study and collaboration from a skilled attorney and business owner:

  • Preparation, review, or revision of contracts and other business documents
  • Investigating potential transaction problems
  • Negotiating disputes before a lawsuit is filed

Mr. Drews partners with each of his business clients to help them meet their legal goals and reach a comprehensive resolution.  Trust in his experience to provide you the proper legal and practical guidance and direction for your business needs.

Drews Law Firm commits to helping businesses overcome potential problems today to secure a stable and prosperous tomorrow.

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